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SunChild outline #
by René O’Deay

By Chapter:

    1. Boys hunting ducks in close coordination on river in papyrus skiffs.

    2. Tut and the boys confront Smenkhkare and his hippo hunters in their wood hunting boats, arouses Tut’s competitive spirit.

    3. The boys return to Akhetaten, City of the Sun, see the new horses.

    4. At archery practice, Tut and the boys get a challenge from Queen PaAten, the wager: hunting boats like his brother’s.

    5. A visit to the Temple of Aten.

    6. After lunch with Queen and princesses and visits with horses, the boys make plans for the archery contest.

    7. Everyone goes to the Fat Meat Feast on the beach. Mad scene, hippo feast. Crocodiles fought off. Tut accepts PaAten’s challenge. Nefertiti tell story of Osiris.

    8. The boys practice for contest.

    9. Tut and the boys visit the horses and the Horsemaster.

    10. Chief Physician teaches Tut and the Royal ladies about the medical treasures in the Royal gardens, including the poppy.

    11. At the Archery Contest, SmenkhKare interrupts, seeking attention. The contest declared a draw, but all wagers awarded. The boys try out the new boats. SmenkhKare, neglected, leaves in a huff.

    12. SmenkhKare sends invitation to an Exhibition of Martial Arts. Nefertiti plans intervention.

    13. Boys & Tut excited by the Exhibition SmenkhKare, his Red Scorpions, and his Master of Death put on, but Nakhtmin preempts with offer to teach Tut the martial arts.

    14. Cobra in Tut’s garden and elaborate staff left for Tut by Nemseti elicits ferrets as guards and suspicions from PaAten.

    15. PaAten consults her grandmother’s magic mirror and sees Nemseti in secret meet with a discredited old priest of Amen-Re. Staff to be checked for poison.

    16. Caracols & ferrets, Princesses & boys, PaAten warns Tut , offers lessons in Serpent Lore.

    17. Sakare travels south to Thebes and big trouble, looking for Magic and the source of power, stops in Ahkmin the family seat first, Temple of Min empty.

    18. Sakare sees play in Osirion, the beginning of a misleading intrigue to ensnare him.

    19. Nemseti meets and conspires with priest of Amen-Re. Sakare tempted and lured.

    20. Sakare tours temples and is tempted with display of magic.

    21. Sakare finds out why Pharaoh rejected magic, that magic rejected him. Takes the bait.

    22. Sakare makes offering to Amen-Re and is possessed by the god. Amen-Re gives him the Magic Rod

    23. Sakare goes back to Osirion, is again possessed by an ancient god, who warns him his brother will try to kill him and promises Anubis as guide.

    24. Sakare returns to Akhetaten, agrees to race with Tut, makes love to wife, fights with Pharaoh over plans for Jubilee.

    25. Tut wins race on horseback over Sakare in chariot.

    26. On royal hunt, Paaten tells Tut about the ‘Seeing’ in magic mirror, and suspicions of Nemseti, the poisoned staff, warning Tut to be on guard on trip to Memphis.

    27. At the Grand Jubilee, a disgruntled Sakare sacrifices his name to the Aten. Tut later overhears Sakare speak treason.

    28. Tut and Sakare visit pyramids, get wild reception at Memphis. Tut levitates, girls pass out. Tut finds out about this magical Royal power from the High One of Ptah, PtahHotep.

    29. Tut and the children learn more about the Royal Power and problems in Egypt from Chief Librarian. Study hieroglyphs and learn about myths.

    30. The boys learn about fractions in the Eye of Horus.

    31. PtahHotep takes the boys to the Pyramids, study ancient Sacred Symbols.

    32. Sakare joins the boys exploring the Pyramids, the Sphinx and their temples, hear the story of their father’s terrible confrontation with the god of slaves before they were born.

    33. More exploration of pyramid complex, Sakare shows off his Magic Rod. Khafre speaks, warns Tut.

    34. Menkaure magically speaks to Tut. Sakare meets with masked nobles back in city plotting treason.

    35. The Boys learn how to make a magic reed to make the hieroglyphs speak and to make secret messages. They spy on secret meeting of Sakare and the masked men.

    36. Tut depressed about Sakare’s plots, the boys go to ancient City of Re, home of the Phoenix.

    37. Tut reveals suspicions to PaAten upon return to Akhetaten, they plant ‘Sir Pip’, one of the Children, in Mayati’s household. Pip sends secret message that plot is on. When PaAten warns her father, the God warns, too.

    38. Tut and PaAten scheme to protect Pharaoh and his plan to confront Smenkhkare. Sakare warned of discovery by escaping Scorpions. Tut and Children race to thwart the plot, but, just as they arrive, Sakare stabs the king and escapes.

    39. The king’s wound won’t heal, only fishing on the river can the king get relief.

    40. Traitors hunted, Pharaoh wants Sakare taken unharmed in hopes of reforming him. But Sakare is killed by a giant Cobra, and, frustrated, the king decrees an awful fate, refusing all pleas from family.

    41. Queen Tiye takes Sakare’s body to Thebes for burial in a mutilated coffin. Akhenaten silently refuses to reconsider.

    42. Prince and Pharaoh talk on the river. Akhenaten regrets failure of his Dream. Amen-Re visits Tut. Nakhtmin reports to Tut.

    43. Tut makes alliance with PaAten, reveals his power and its source, the secret ceremony when old king died. PaAten begs him to guide her father to the stars.

    44. Akhenaten dies, Tut repeats the secret ceremony for him, the Gods declare heavy penalty. Pharaoh buried.

© 2004 René O’Deay
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