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Totally Unique!
Medicine Staff for Shaman or Medicine Woman!

Leather and fur covered staff topped with white deer antler with four points.
Antler points are webbed, making a cage, with brass hawk bells and a horsehair tail.
Can be used to capture "Bad Spirits", or...?
This is not a Dreamcatcher!
Feathers do not hang from the webs.

Makes a great decoration to hang on wall, above a fireplace, or propped up in a corner, or in front of a Teepee!

Red Fox fur, reddish brown deer skin with brass studs.
"Eagle" feathers are wrapped and decorated with red spot to indicate a "coup".
Many hand cut thongs, with trade glass and brass beads, hairpipes, and copper "jingles".

Six feet tall. The Antler can be taken off for easier shipping.

This is made in the Northern Plains American Indian style.

STARWALKER is of Cherokee descent, and claims to put power in each carefully created staff and dreamcatcher.

Totally unique.

Asking $295.00

Shipping to be arranged.

Close ups of parts of staff: holding for right pix holding for right pix holding for right pix holding for right pix