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The Magic of Egypt


Children of the KAP
The “Children of the KAP” was a military organization within the Palace, (the “per aa”=“Great House”), set up to educate with a strict discipline the sons of princes and kings of the Egyptian New Empire along with the Pharaoh’s sons. Although these children were actually hostages, they developed a fierce loyalty to Egypt and the Princes of Egypt they were educated and trained with. But there was a magical binding too: “The Secrets of the KAP”, mystical ceremonies that ...well, you have to read “SUN CHILD” to find out about that..
Prince Tutankhaten and the Children, they are more than just classmates, they guard and protect him as well.




ANKH, the hieroglyph, the sacred symbol, “medu neter”, for life, represents also the sandal, or the mirror (ab), the “Key of the Nile”, a promise, the gift of eternal life for royals and priests. Portrayed in wall carvings, carried in hands of gods, gift of eternal life.
Mirrors: the original soul catchers, doorways to the other world of spirits. The mirror of Isis, Mistress of Magic. The Ankh also represented the mystical union of Isis and Osiris, that initiated the Nile Flood giving life to Egypt.
The Mirror of Hathor, goddess of love, a sign of sexual union and the immortalilty of gods, granted by the Goddess’ divine flood.

The High Priestess of Isis, the Goddess-Priestess, Isis of the Myriad Names, announces the resurrection of the King and officially annoints the King Osiris and the King Horus.

Words of Power

Two words describing magical power:
  Hekau (he-kau)
  Hîké (hÎ-key).
Both describing a type of power. Both sounding vaguely familiar.

Hîké: magical power, there was ony hîké, magic, sacrosant and unchangeable, the oldest and most characteristic element of their religion. It was applied religion and all rites and ceremonies were full of it.

Hekau: words of power, holy words unlocking great mysteries, keys of heaven, they were kept secret as a"great mystery". (Priests of male gods seized eagerly on the idea of creating by word, giving power to non-birth-giving entity.

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