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Sun Child Quest
Wednesday, 24 March 2004
First submission: OPRAH!!!
March 24, 2004
I was looking for a way to bring my series to the attention of Oprah, as her endorsement could put the whole thing over the top. when lo and behold, Funds4Writers newsletter, Hope Clark said just fill out the application and OGetTheMoney!
Well, I worked on the submission for two weeks, it's really a business plan for the series franchise, with the encouragement of my son Shan, and some from my Dad, who is laid up with a broken leg.
And today I submitted it!
Things have really changed since I tried to start this blog. So far it's just for me. Well, we will see.Like my spiritaul teacher said, make the effort, and leave the results to God.

Posted by starwalkerproduction at 5:22 PM CST

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