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Introducing MY EGYPT

Tut and AnkhesenpaAten


TutAnkhAten and AnkhesenpaAten,

Children of the Sun


welcome to my Egypt
-- Ancient Egypt--

A complex and very confusing era to most.
My series, CHILDREN OF THE SUN, beginning
with “THE SUN CHILD, PRINCE OF EGYPT”, will lead you carefully
and slowly through the maze of Egyptian
religions and relations--royal and divine--
and plunge you into the heart and soul of an
Egyptian King-
-the Pharaoh Tut-Ankh-Amen---

or, as we affectionately know him: King Tut.. Eye of Tut

Into the chaos surrounding the Great Heretic,
Ahk-en-aten; his Co-Regent Smenkh-kare; and
the intrigues that led to the early accension to
the Throne of Egypt of a child of nine with a
Queen twice his age.

In the following books, we will discover
how the Pharaoh and his Queen, together,
restored order--Maet--to Egypt while retaining
a personal faith in one God. (THE SUN KING, tentative title)

As the series develops, I hope to reveal to
you, dear reader, why Tut's tomb was
remarkably, the only royal tomb to escape
relatively unscathed through thousands
of years--until Carter found him in
1922 A.D.

And how his BA, his soul, escaped,
leaving only a photograph behind.

Sounds really ambitious, doesn't it? Well, this is my plan...This is not a scholarly work, although I have diligently researched it for over 30 years.

This is an adventure story, a fiction story, about a young boy who changed his world and who has captured the imagination
of a whole world over three thousand years after he lived.

There will be very little sex, and no gratuitous violence. But there will be magic, real magic; and, just so you understand, a BIC lighter could be thought of as magic if you showed it to anyone from 100 years ago.

Egyptian magic was based on the power of words, and knowing the true name of things and 'gods'. Speaking these true names could give you power and, if we wish to learn from Ancient Egypt, we must always be careful of what we say, and what we wish for---it might come true.

I will try not to offend you with the complexities of the royal relationships, but...these relationships are pertinent to the story
of Tut-Ankh-Amen.

So...we will start off slow.

If this intrigues you, I invite you to explore “My Egypt” further.

On the following pages I will give you the first introductory chapter OF THE SUN CHILD, PRINCE OF EGYPT,  and some references and other links on Egypt and King Tut. 

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